29 August, 2015

New kit of the Mikasa has been announced.

The kit was put on the sale already, but .... unfortunately, it seems to contain terrible errors.  I am sorry to see it. (26, May, 2016)

***** The sale of the kit was postponed to February, 2016. *****

New kit of the Mikasa (scale 1/200) was announced from WAVE corporation.


You can see several CG images of the model from reseller web-page.



There are several points which are different from my research, but these images are of halfway of the development.

I am waiting for image of the product, and its sale.  The sale is due on the end of December, 2015.

11 June, 2015

Symmetry and asymmetry (Positions of gun ports, ash shoots, entrances on upper deck, midship).

[Midship, port side of the Memorial ship Mikasa]

This image shows port side, upper deck, midship of the Mikasa.  

You can see one small anchor, four gun ports for 12 pounder gun, one ash shoot, and one entrance.

There are same things on her starboard side, but positions of the gun ports are different.

[Comparison between port side and starboard side*,
 the image of port side is rotated 180 degrees for comparison. ]

The ash shoots and the entrances are respectively on symmetrical positions about the center line of the ship.

However, outlines of gun ports #7, #9, #11, #13 (starboard side) are shifted ahead of outlines of gun port #8, #10, #12, #14 (port side), respectively, although these guns seem to be on symmetrical positions about the center line. 

[Midship of the Mikasa]

Positions of gun ports, ash shoots, and entrances in the drawing are based on measured values by me onboard the Mikasa.

* You may notice that positions of the davits astern are not on on symmetrical positions. That's right, but the difference may be seen too much due to difference between shooting angles of the photographs.

01 November, 2014

Yuzuru Hiraga Digital Archive reopened.

This Archive had closed due to security problem in May, 2014.
But, on 10th Oct., 2014, it reopened.

New URL is below.


That's good news.

26 October, 2014

Several pictures (For Your Information)

For Your Information.

This picture was taken on 17th July, 1904. About 50 men of members of the Diet and correspondents visited the Mikasa and the Asahi.

Aft 12-inch guns of the Mikasa, at Portsmouth. (Postcard)

12-inch guns of the Asahi.  (Shashin-Gahou)

12-inch guns of the Shikishima. ("ARTILLERY AND EXPLOSIVES" Plate XXXI.)

01 January, 2014