14 May, 2013

About ventilators

Hello Mr.DariusP,
Hello Mr. Yasaka, I hope that your holidays were enjoyable :)

Thank you!  I enjoyed the holidays with my friends. (^o^)

And the more I look the more uncertain I have become... I can't read Japanese but drawings 2 and 3 appear to be of the same (or identical) ventilator's right and left sides but is drawing 1 also of the same vent? Even if scaled up, dimensions of the first drawing still do not conform to those of 2 and 3! 

The drawing 1,2, and 3 are of the identical ventilator.
The captions in Japanese are ;

Fig. 14.  Warship Mikasa's port-forward ventilator of Engine room, which was damaged at the Battle of Yellow Sea, 10th, August.

 1.  Looking forward (in word-for-word translation, "Looking from aft part")
 2.  Looking to port. ( "Looking from starboard")
 3.  Looking to starboard.  ( "Looking from port")

So, we have to check not only these drawings, but other photos, official drawings (if they exist), etc. 

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