19 May, 2013

Strange investigation about HIJMS Mikasa

In Japan, several persons have claimed strange opinions about the Russo‐Japanese War and HIJMS Mikasa. But these do not seem to have made headway in Japan.

  As to model of the Mikasa, more than 3 years ago, one Japanese introduced a model of the Mikasa. It was given out that the model was the most accurate scale model of the Mikasa of 1905, and its price was more than 1,000,000 Yen.

  However, it was merely assembled Hasegawa's kit with partly new, and mostly wrong remodeling based on "his own investigation."

  Many errors in his claims were pointed out. After that, he changed his claims, saying "I have been already aware of them", and now, he seems to have introduced a new kit of the Mikasa, based on "his own new investigation", reviling at other makers' kits and models of the Mikasa.

  I can not judge whether his new kit is accurate or not, because he never shows clear images of the kit nor its completed sample. -- even now (July,2016)  --

 As a result, I cannot go along with his ideas.

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