04 May, 2013

Engine hatch and its casing

Hello Mr. DariusP,

Mr. Yasaka - I was asking about "General Arrangement - Sectional Elevation" drawings of Mikasa because I'm interested in your corrections to Mikasa's engine room hatch:
Image Where did you get your information about that from?

That came from drawing  "General Arrangement - Sectional Elevation" drawing,  "General Arrangement - plan of boat deck, shelter deck, etc." drawing and postcard of Mikasa.



By the way, hatch#7 might be sifted starboard in her career. But I can not find when it was. 

A : Hatch#7(probably original, but sealed with a steel plate with rivets) , B : Large opening (sealed with a steel plate with welding ), C : Curved beam for B.

Present Museum Mikasa. Around B & C.

Another problem is shape of forward ventilators of the engine room. There are two different sketches of them.

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